BLACK MOON, Model Yusei Yamamoto, Shot by Yokna Patofa

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The modern romeo and juliet(2010)

They are beautiful therefore may be woo'd.

They are youth therefore may be chosen.

They are the modern romeo and juliet therefore must be lov'd & happyend.

Boy is not the typical handsome. He is not so tall. He is cute. He looks like G-dragon of Bigbang a bit..,he doesn't. But he has such a feeling. Anyway he looks nice. Girl looks like Juliet. I don't know this metaphor even by me.. But I feel romeo and juliet in them. The important point for me is that the two are always mischievous. Boy was eating Big thunder chocolate and girl was wearing some small pierced earrings. Both of them had so cute shoes on. They look striking in all black even the each bags. In the last class,they were enjoying drawing disorder. When one went into sleep,the other woke up and he or she drew in one notebook in turn. The girl has a long black hair which has loose wave and is damaged a bit,but it doesn't look bad. Boy always wears the tight mode fashion. His hair is brown and mushroom-cut and lustrous. Both are not so tall. Girl has big eyes and often drops eye lotion. Girl usually looks into boy's eyes. The couple join hands in secret. I can understand the both love each other very much. They are well-matched couple. I really wanted to film them. But some days ago the last class finished.

If  I shot them,I could shoot the modern & happy end romeo and juliet.

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