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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pony Tail(Barry Doupe)

I got really cool things from Barry Doupe. The nice imaginative sketch & letter. and DVD of Pony Tail. I have already written about my wonderful experience when I saw his movie for the first time. He is now working on the new movie that will be out next year. And he said that he hopes to have the screenings in Japan.
He is my most favorite director in this age.
And I think he is one of the most important directors in the world too.
His Pony tail is really strange,but really beautiful.
I love everything in this movie.
I don't know about his fame or something in overseas,but I hope his deep fans spread more and more.

バリー・ドゥぺからpony tailのDVDを貰った。

by Barry Doupe


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this, it was quite helpful and told a lot

Yokna Patofa said...

Hi,thank you for your comment.
I'm glad!

Are you anyone I know?
If it is ok,please keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

This was pretty provided that there are a lot of out there just waiting for the right.

Yokna Patofa said...

Sorry,I couldn't have published at once,because I am really bad at English and I couldn't understand the comment you wrote to me,I am sorry!!!(I didn't know the meaning of "Provided" well.)

But perhaps,I could understand well now.
Yes.I hope so!
I guess many people will fall in love with his movies!