BLACK MOON, Model Yusei Yamamoto, Shot by Yokna Patofa

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

i love antonio too.

hi antonio,your videos are really powerful,i was shocked when i found you.
i really admired you from the distance.

i found you via facebook.
i really really love your vision.
i want to get closer to you.

Re: hi
how close?

i just want to see your works more & i want to know you more.

Re: Re: Re: hi
i am so sad my work only manifests itself as the internet identity i have created, almost nothing exists in any physical form offline, im just a guy, i live in alabama, im 21 years old, my name is antonio, i record write record and create all the videos and music on this page. this is basically all i do everyday, i go to school, im moving to chicago in january, i am from chicago, who are you? what do you do? i have never released anything on this page, although i just got an email from a record label in london that wants to produce a limited edition vinyl run? should i do it? im scared??? i also collect images? and make images. making art on the internet is so weird.

really??! i thought you were a first-class artist and that you made videos on youtube privately. to tell the truth,i thought to send the mail "you are genius".but i really thought so.
i am really interested in your life. but i am japanese.i hope you are not one who hate asian people.i am also college student in japan.and making films and videos and doing vj.
about record label,i think it is really good thing. because your vision and sound is really wonderful. but there may be bad adults in the world so you should look them very well..
i think you don't have to be scared. your world is really beautiful.


then though only by non verbal communication,i became one of the internet friends on facebook.
and i always love your expressions and personality.

i hope you knew that even at least.
thank you for this little point of contact with you.
you are special. for me,you looked that you don't want anything,you looked looked having sanctuary.i liked your silent and strong eyes.
i also wanna say i love you like your friends. really sad.i 'm sure i could be a good friend with you indeed. i know many reasons but i can't explain well. i respected you. 
i'm influenced by you.

antonio forever.

from yokna


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IH      /
UD     /
                                                                                E   @`@
                                                                             2          @      

                                                          JOI3QUROIUFU EJO
S                                                               TRONG          ⁂◎  EYES◎⁂ BEAUTIFUL
                花愛花花    ]
花花花花花  ]
         /_____________⇔___________ /\             I NTE  言葉 R  NET
        /    to antonio      / /              ¥ 花花花花$
       /             / /         花  花花愛花花花花花花花花花花花花
      /           〒 / /        花   花花花愛花花花花花花花花花花花花//////______|
     /         〒郵便〒 /          花 花花花花花愛花花愛花花花花花花花花               |
    /      %   〒   〒       花 花   花花花愛花花花花花♡♡花花花花花              |
    /           〒  〒 / 花                      $ 花花花         花花愛花花花花†花♡†花花花花            |
   /                               / /  花       花 $  花 ///花花愛花花花花花花花花花花               |
  /                 /   /花      花 花    灰  美 花    花花花愛花花花花花花花花花花                 |
/_________________________/__/  花 花          花花花花花花愛†花花花花†      
\_______________________/__/                愛花愛花花花花花花花花花        
言葉         言葉   $  花  $ 
                                                                                        花花EGO花花花花花花花                     DI
花花花花  ∝花花花                                 |
                                                                                 愛花花花花花花花花花 W≠        |                                                         花花愛花花花花花花花花花    ⁑       |
                                                                                           花花愛花花花花†花花花花       ⁂   |

                                          花花花愛花花花花花花花花花        |
                                    花花愛花花花花花花花花花花         |

                                †        †
                                     花花花花愛  花花花花花花        |

                                   花花愛花花   花花花花花花         |
花花花花愛†   花花花花†花
花花花花花    花花花花花
花花†花花花    †花花†花花


RIP .   ijĒŞǙŞ ҚĦŖiŞŢ,Antonio Urdiales †


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