BLACK MOON, Model Yusei Yamamoto, Shot by Yokna Patofa

Friday, 14 September 2012

scrap book:map:love

sunny day,july,when shun was absent from school and went to the wilds which is out of central,next to the no.67 factory, and sitting for touching kuro(black cat) as usual,the army air plane to  noboriigawa airport  from vietnam moved slowly above them with shaking there all. more above,the artificial satellite looked at them too,because there were no animals except the two.shun,with white shirts and black pants,= summer school cloth,wrapped kuro's head gently and kuro closed eyes and seemed feeling good.


this city is abnormal. and normal favorite girl and boy,the both of two had been made by really dirty guy who didn't have a bit of purity in this city.
now,i suddenly remember Frankenstein.
Yes part of this story is about the last prometheus. 


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