BLACK MOON, Model Yusei Yamamoto, Shot by Yokna Patofa

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


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Yokna Hasegawa/長谷川億名
Film director,Photographer

Selected Works ・2012 "Hard-boiled Love Age"(Comic,47 pages,published in "Infomental vol.1") ・2011 "Eat Yr Heart"(4 min) "Eraser"(22 min) "Infomental 2011"(30 min) "Espèce種"(Series) ・2010 "Stormy"(8 min), "Xtal"(Performance,120 min), "Rahole"(20 min)-Screen Shots "HTRK-Body Double Live @ICA,London" "Illuminations"(Performance,20 min) ・2009 "Look Down the Line" ・2008 Susan Matthews "Splinters" Music Video(5 min) In Broken English"Time is a thief" Music Video(5 min) "East is Red"(30 min) ・2007 "The last day of archaeopteryx X-i am here,in the fossilized Exalted Cyclops' womb始祖鳥なんとかかんとかの死、ここは石化した巨人の胎内". Darkside Mirrors"TELEPHONE" Music Video(5 min) "Victim Image"(9 min) "BOY MEAT MERMAID BLOOD synopsis "(44 min) ・2005 The pop group"Forces of Oppression"(Unofficial video) "Stray cats want to sleep in your bag(10 min)" ・Before 2004,my first video since 15 years old "Hiroshi,Nagasa,and Me,Free"(3 min) Selected Exhibition ■Fluxus5,Texas/Curator:Cecil Touchon/『Rahole(30 min,2010)』Film Screening(2011) ■CTM Festival Ghosts off the shelf,Berlin/Curator:Thibaut de Ruyter/ 『The east is red(5min,2008)』Film Screening(2012)

Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2013/Honorable Mention award(Selected by Masafumi Sanai)
title:Ascension River
キャノン写真新世紀 2013 佳作(佐内正史選) 

Individual film festival 2008 excellent award
title:"East is red/Azanaeru nawa no gotoshi"

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