BLACK MOON, Model Yusei Yamamoto, Shot by Yokna Patofa

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


lately I wore KIMONO which is a Japanese dress at the party.
This is a beautiful blue dress actually.
One day before the party,I helped my mother with doing Ikebana.Ikebana is one of the Japanese traditional cultures.

After that I became to be really interested in Ikebana.

some days later I walked around the field and massacred some flowers and leaves. And sticked them. Inserted it into the dry,burned circle filed. It was so horrible nauseating sight. I got really frightened. That night,it rained heavily. I thought between asleep and awake that it is raining as this because the flowers are sure to want a lot of water. And the world will sink owing to their anger and pain and agony. When I was a child, I was afraid of weeding. I had a feeling of hearing the shout of flowers and leaves, and seeing their bloods. This is beginning of my interest in plants.


The famous director,Hiroshi Teshigawara is also known as a head of Sogetsu-Ryu.Sogetsu is one of the schools of flower.
I really love his films.

砂の女 woman in dunes

他人の顔 The face of another

In the two films,Kyoko Kishida performed.She is one of best actresses in Japan.

Expect these films,She performed in the many master pieces(films and theaters).

For example(films,TV)

Ten Black women 黒い十人の女 by Kon Ichikawa 1961
An Autumn Afternoon 秋刀魚の味 by Yasujirou Ozu(his posthumous work) 1962

Passion(Manji) 卍 by Yasuzo Masumura 1964
THE INUGAMI CLAN by Kon Ichikawa 1976
Gakkou no Kaidan2 学校の怪談2  by Hideyuki Hirayama 1996

Yatsuhaka Mura 八ツ墓村  by Kon Ichikawa 1996 (double role)

(↑But in fact I love 1977 version directed by Yoshitarou Nomura)

Heart Broken Angel 傷だらけの天使  (TV) 1974~
Moomin ムーミン(narration)

and so on and so on and so on..岸田今日子

Hiroshi Teshigawara's father is Sofu Teshigawara.
He is the first head of Sogetsu.


konyvespolc said...

this really touched me: "I had a feeling of hearing the shout of flowers and leaves, and seeing their bloods."
thanks to you i know about "Ikebana"... this inspired me to create my own ikebana... i`m going to try it this weekend ^^
ps: you look very nice in Kimono ^^

ヨクナ・パトーファ said...

Hi,thank you!I am glad.

I suppose flowers in Hungury are perhaps so different from that of Japan.
So I am really interested in your ikebana!
Because The nature in
your video is so beautiful and fascinating. :)

By the way I am now also influenced by you and I am going to see the films of Miike Takashi and "Jisatsu sakulu".
I saw only "GOZU(2003)"(Do you know?) yet.

And have you seen "Love Exposure"(by Sion Sono,the director of "Jisatsu~")?
The film was hot topic among my friends in last year.

To tell the truth I don't know Japanese directors so much..
But Shuji Terayama's"Grass Labyrinth" was exciting though it is a bit old.
I will know more Japanese films!

And your music tastes is cool!
I love amon tobin too.
But I didn't know else except Boris.